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FBI runs three laboratories and research sites in Switzerland and China. Each facility is specializing in local topics. In China, for instance, the focus of research lies on the hydrolysation and digestion of bagasse, rice straw, rice husks and cotton seed hulls; typical Asian biomass that is avalable in abundance there. The hydrolysis pretreatment technology has a huge impact in these countries to help them to find new and economically interesting ways to treat their waste biomass and produce renewable energy.

In Switzerland, FBI has close relations with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. One focus lies on the further development of the FBI hydrolysis pretreatment technology for mixed substrates. These can be all organic waste like food leftovers, organic industrial waste, green waste from communities etc. and puts a high challenge on the technology.

FBI’s subsidiary and research site in China is in the Hebei province. Next to laboratory tests with local organic material, there’s a lot of equipment and machinery testing to improve and develop the next generation of biogas plant equipment.

Pilot hydrolysis biogas plant

near Zurich running with 14

different organic inputs.

Research site in Switzerland

Research site in China

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