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The Technology

Mechanical Biological Treatment systems with Anaerobic Digestion (MBT-AD) plants are designed to process mixed household waste as well as commercial and industrial wastes. MBT-AD is a waste treatment technology that processes waste mechanically in order to separate recyclable elements from the organic component of the waste. The organic component is then treated biologically converted into biogas, a renewable fuel, and a solid digestate to use as fertilizer.

Holyday resorts, be it in the mountains, at the sea or on small islands anywhere in the world, produce a high amount of organic waste from food and kitchen leftovers. Biogas plants, tailored to the needs of the resort, turn this waste into green energy and organic fertilizer.

Manure biogas plants treat manure and dung from cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and horses and produce green energy and a fertilizer that won’t smell anymore is perfect for crops.

Biogas plants with a hydrolysis pretreatment technology split the AD process in two parts. Thus, feedstock with high cellulose content, like straw, grass, etc. can be digested with low retention time and high gas yields. In China and Eastern Europe with high amounts of straw the FBI hydrolysis technology has a high demand.

Biogas plants for energy production of distillery residues have been in use for more than 30 years. They provide a closed cycle of green energy and materials. They are a perfect complement for every distillery.

This type of biogas plant is capable to treat and process almost any organic material. It is best suited for rural areas and can handle all organic waste. The plant comprises of several steps to separate, treat, recycle and digest  all incoming material.

Most of our reference plants are NaWaRo biogas plants. NaWaRos are energy crops from corn and grass silage and cereals. Due to the German new energy law that subsidies the farmers for this type of plant thousands of the them have been erected.

Abattoir waste is rich in energy and nutrients. With special biogas plants that are equipped with sanitation units, this material can be turned into energy and fertilizer.

Various feedstock availability and local profitability calculations demand different biogas technologies. FBI has developed and erected various AD plant types to optimize plant operation and profit.

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Hydrolysis pretreatment biogas plants

MBT-AD for city waste

Holyday resort biogas plants

Manure biogas plants

Distiller biogas plants

Mixed organic waste biogas plants

NaWaRo biogas plants

Abattoir waste biogas plants

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