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Various feedstock and different use of biogas (heat, steam, electricity, methane upgrade) demand different process technology. We help to optimize the plant for maximum operation stability and profitability. We also help to find the right equipment from national suppliers and to import necessary machines from Europe.

We provide all services related to the biogas business. This is important since biogas is a very complex technology and our customers need a one-stop solution and partner and they don’t want to lose time and money to deal with different providers.

To be successful in biogas, it needs more than just excellent technology and an appropriate adaption to local conditions. It is important to include peripheral issues like fertilizer production, heat management, feedstock logistics, the use of gas, etc. as well. Only then, biogas can be a profitable and sustainable business. FBI supplies its partners with the experience of hundreds of realized conceptual designs for biogas all over the world.

With the help of FBI’s own biogas academy, all know-how related to biogas can be transferred very effectively to the partners. This makes sure that the local engineers can design and erect their own biogas plants  quickly and flawlessly and thus become soon independent.

Feasibility studies are a quick and cheap way to check out the potential and profitability of a biogas plant project. They are the first step into biogas business and show the weaknesses and opportunities to further work on and develop for successful projects.

We help existing plants to improve on performance and stability. Very often, the plant’s staff is not properly trained and experienced to run a plant efficiently and thus lose a lot of money. Our experts analyze the situation, implement changes and train the staff accordingly.

We provide on-site assistance during construction, acceptance and commissioning of the plant.

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