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First Biogas International AG (FBI) started in 2010 as a joint venture of excellent Swiss and German biogas companies. The biogas experience of most of these companies goes back to the mid-90’s when the first modern biogas plants were erected. Some of the companies were already active in the late 70’s with small farm-scale plants after the oil crisis.

There are two reasons why all these companies formed a joint business:

1. Since 2008 there is a high demand of biogas technology from abroad (mostly Asia and Latin America). But the German and Swiss biogas market was booming and so the companies did not have time for foreign activities. Thus, FBI was started just to serve and coordinate the international biogas business.

2. The international biogas business is very complex due to specific local conditions and different biomass available. Simply importing and erecting German biogas plants leads to failure. Long time experience from the partner companies showed that technology and systems have to be adapted to local conditions, together with local partners and companies. The international business requires a huge know-how and a single company cannot deliver. Thus, FBI joins several companies which complement each other and cover all know-how and components.

In the meantime, FBI has grown steadily. With First Biogas China there is a strong subsidiary in one of the world biggest biogas markets of the present and future. 8 biogas plants were erected in the last 7 years and more than 5 are under design and construction in China where FBI is technology leader due to the FBI hydrolysis pretreatment technology for straw digestion.

With First Biogas Eastern Europe in Budapest, Hungary, and  a local Romanianan office, FBI uses its hydrolysis pretreatment technology for the vast amount of straw available in Eastern Europe (Carpathian basin).

A professional and long-time biogas and business experienced team manages the company:

Daniel Ruch, CEO

MSc in Mechanical Engineering, MBA Diploma

Professional background: over 20 years professional engineering experience as Project Designer of biogas plants, Manager and Research Assistant. Since 2002, entrepreneur and member of the Board of several energy companies. 2003-2010 member of the board of the Swiss Biogas Association.

Ralf Block, COO

BBA, Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering, Quality Manager (TÜV)

Professional background: over 18 years professional engineering experience as Project Designer of biogas and bioenergy plants, and over 17 years experience as Executive Manager for different companies in the area of industrial development and production. Since 2001, entrepreneur with several companies for biogas plant design and biogas laboratory equipment. Since 2003 member of a task force of the German Biogas Association. Ralf Block is the owner of the company BIGATEC.

Dr. Herbert Markert, CTO

Dr. oec, Dipl.-Ing. oec

Professional background: over 20 years professional engineering experience as Project Designer of biogas plants and energy systems and Manager. Since 1994, entrepreneur and from 1995 until 2004 Chairman of the association of energy consulting of the German state of Thuringen. Since 2004 member of a task force of the German Biogas Association. Dr. Markert is the owner of the company Ing.Büro Dr.Markert.

Jiujun Gu, CEO FBI China

Msc in Environmental Engineering

Professional background: over 10 years experience with project development, team management, plant commissioning, and commercial negotiation with both domestic and overseas customers. Since 2012, as head of FBI China, together with Europe colleagues, already erected 10 medium and big size straw and manure biogas plants in China.

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