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Welcome to First Biogas International

Everything about biogas:

First Biogas International brings biogas technology, key components and more than 25 years of experience to our partners worldwide. Thanks to our successful business model we can design and adapt biogas plants to specific local needs. With our presence on site we train the staff and transfer essential know-how to ensure sustainable business development.

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Mail: info.europe@fbi-biogas.com?subject=Biogas inquiry from website

First Biogas International AG

Neuwiesenstrasse 95

CH-8400 Winterthur


+41 78 860 4405

Mail: info.china@fbi-biogas.com?subject=Biogas inquiry from website

First Biogas China




+86 18 8333 65126

We’ve come a long way, in a very complex tech field!

1984, Switzerland, 20 kW

2019, China, 6000 kW

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